Thommy Ten & Amélie van Tass

Real Magic

Of Mystery and Mentality


The finalist of AMERICA’S GOT TALENT and world champions of mentalism truly perform real magic: The couple and their mind-blowing live show wow people across the globe, from Asia to America, from The Ellen Show to sold out arenas. For their new show we decided to revamp the look of the visuals and make them part of the tricks.

Our in-house team produced all sorts of content like epic Live show footage or complex animations of tricks. These were performed for audience of millions. Their show in the Vienna Cityhall with over 10 000 seats was sold out immediately. Together with the biggest TV station in Austria we produced an exciting television show, aired on new years day.


For the title track “Pure Magie” of the brand-new show we produced and shot a music video which was featured on various big radio stations and TV performances. The goal was to create a stylish, modern and clean look that represents the personalities of Thommy & Amélie who are eager to push the boundaries of magic, an ever-evolving art that has been existing for decades.

The magical connection between Thommy and Amélie is a portrayed by a dancer fully dressed in red, everything else is kept very minimal. We came up with the idea of a cubical led wall construct on which we were able to display lyric snippets and create a mystical feel. The video has already been watched multiple thousand times.




As mentioned, magic is an art that has been around for many decades, so in order to create something truly unique and get the attention of the audience, requires to think outside the box. With humans being more and more familiar with screens we implemented new ideas in order to use modern technology to show magic tricks in a completely new way. Additionally, we put a lot of effort into the sound design to create an arc of suspense throughout the whole show. Due to the hit of the 2020 crisis, live shows were not allowed anymore. So, The Clairvoyants took their show online, hosted on Zoom.

We mapped out a marketing strategy and used organic and paid traffic via Facebook and Instagram to boost ticket sales. In only a couple days most of the shows were already sold out.

Foto Credits (1, 2, 4, 5): Matthias Köstler

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